Roku Link Code is 6 digit code used to activate Roku account from to start enjoying roku streaming device. This code has a crucial role in authenticating Roku. It is a unique code that is provided to streamers to activate Roku. Using the link code, you can subscribe the various Roku channels. Some of these channels may require extra fee, and hence can ask for your master card information and Roku link code from TV.

Create roku account at

  1. Go to
  2. Click to sign in
  3. Go to create account
  4. Fill the email address and password
  5. Enter the roku activation code to authorize on the roku store
roku setup

Steps to do roku account PIN update

  • Sign in to official website
  • Click on update button
  • Create 4 digit pin and verify it
  • Hit the save button
  • Once done, turn on roku & connect to wifi.

How can one get a new roku link code?

  • When you get roku activation code you have to use it within the next 15 minutes or it’ll expire.
  • Whenever your roku activation code becomes invalid, press the * key on your roku remote.
  • Select the option that says ‘Get a new code’ in order to generate a new roku activation code.
  • Once again, return to the roku com link website on your mobile device and enter this new code.

How to activate the roku device?

  • Visit
  • Log in to your roku account
  • Click on Link new device
  • Enter roku activation code
  • Follow all the on-screen instruction to activate Roku Device.
  • Wait for a while to complete the activation process.

How to you stream roku?

Roku works by downloading video from the internet, you then watch on your TV. The video isn’t saved as it’s watched while Roku downloads or “streams” the video. Apps or “channels” are programs you load onto your Roku device that provide you with various movies and TV shows. This works much like installing apps on a smartphone or tablet.

roku setup

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